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Hey everyone! Nice of you to drop by.

Just a pinch about the author is all anyone really needs so I won’t take too much your time here. Besides which, reading about neat stuff is way more interesting than the vast majority of author bios.

I grew up in a relatively small town and had, overall, a decent childhood. I was raised by parents who love me and, if I do say so myself, did a darn good job getting me to an adult. I wasn’t fond of the town though, so I left for university life. I was definitely fond of my university. I earned a couple of degrees and a minor before all was said and done. One degree in health science, which is what I do for a living, and the other in literature, which I doubt surprises anyone who’s been reading my blog. The minor is of a liberal arts bent and if there had been an available minor in creative writing I’d have found a way to get my paws on that too. Alas.

Nowadays I make my home in the great Pacific Northwest and, aside from work, I spend time indulging my various hobbies as much as possible and playing with my friends. I share my home with my two birds. Still holding out for, I almost said Prince Charming, but I already know he’s unsuitable not to mention taken. Anyway, that smart, kind and passionate guy is out there somewhere, but he’s probably tinkering in his lab or playing with his patients, which is why the lack of dates. I digress.

Hobbies include:

  • Writing: how I spend large swathes of my free time (you noticed?)
  • Singing: soprano 1, if anyone is counting
  • Pottery: I’ve been at it about 5 years now
  • Gardening: I have planted a garden I can’t keep up with… too many roses (not possible).
  • Ukulele: I just brought one home from Hawaii and I’m in love already.

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Or you can leave a comment anywhere on my lawn and I’ll get back to you. At least as long as there aren’t so many comments I can’t possibly read them all and still sleep at night. And by lawn, I mean this blog. Nobody better spork their fan-mail (delusion of grandeur) into my real lawn.

Thanks for your visit!

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