Once Season 6 Episode Reviews

As happens to the best of us, real life has limited the amount of time I can spend reviewing my favorite TV episodes, so this season I find myself needing to revise the format. Or at least try something new. The plan is write less overall in favor of what matters most as opposed to writing for each and every scene. I am quite sorry I could not review all of 5B. If I suddenly have a dearth of projects, I may go back and do an abbreviated run through for the remainder of season 5.

In theory, this new format will entail a plot overview in the first section and an in-depth review of select scenes in a subsequent section. Two articles for each episode. What could go wrong there?

We’ll give it a shot and try to hit just the highlights. The review will assume full knowledge of the episode in question and will include theories and analysis of plot, ongoing arcs, motivations, et-cetera. The scene review will take a close look at a few scenes which caught my attention either for being outstanding or because they – well, less so. This will include film craft notes like scene motion, blocking, cinematography, lighting, performances, in depth character arcing, et cetera.

Hang in there with me while I try this on for size. I may end up combining these two if it seems impractical or cumbersome.

6X01 The Savior- Plot Overview

6X01 The Savior- Scene Review


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