Once Upon A Time Fangroup Directory

Once Upon A Time Fangroup Directory

It is with great pleasure that I present to you the Once fan community I belong to on Facebook, and a few other links for your browsing pleasure. Being a part of these groups brings me great joy and I would encourage you to consider being a member of more than one. These groups all have different flavors and personalities, different wonders to offer. Some are spoiler groups on purpose and others are quite well policed and spoiler-free.

If you landed here and would like me to post my articles on your group, comment below with the name of your group (exactly as written!) and preferably a link. Upon admission, I will not only add your group to this directory but also add your group to my article distribution list. No need to be exclusively a Facebook group, if you host a site and want my articles, I’m game so long as my name and my link are on them. Delighted in fact. I’ll post your link here in return. Just let me know in the comments below.

Below I have listed with their links the groups I contribute to and to which I belong along with the number of members at the time I looked. A note about the size of a group. I have found that my experiences in larger or smaller groups are different, but not better or worse, necessarily. Size does not determine the quality of a group, its members and its content do. I am posting the number of members for interest and because I imagine some people look for smaller or larger groups to suit their needs.

General Facebook Fan Groups in the order of my joining them:

Once Upon A Time Fans 40.8k

Once Upon A Time: Heroes an Villains 2.2k

Once Upon a Time – ABC 16.4k

Once Upon A time Junkies 2.6k

Once Upon A Time Fan Community 2.2k

All Things Once Upon A Time 3.1k

Once Upon A Time- Oncers United 5.2k

Creative Oncers 880

The Hearts of the Truest Believers 11k

Once Upon a Time Addicts 12k

Once upon a time fans for ever 585

Once Upon A Time Captured Moments 858

Once Upon A Time – The Dark One’s Castle 1k

Once Upon A Time SPOILERS 5.7k

Once upon a time (Tv series) 151

once upon a time die hard fans 348

Once Upon A Time Fan Group 1.3k

it’s not easy being green 383

OUAT Fan Fiction & Creations 136

‘Ship and Actor Specific Groups:

Cora Queen of Hearts a Barbara Hershey and Rose McGowan Fangroup 183

Captain Swan Crew 302

Rumbelle Addicts 1k

Rumbelle For The Win 229

Evil 👑 Regals [Lana Parrilla Fans] 9.7k

Rumplestiltskin Appreciation Group 72

Rumplestiltskin #teamrumple 23

Evil Regals 6.1k

SQ Oncers support group. (ALL SHIPS WELCOMED) 599


Once Upon A Time: Charming Family Feels 1.1k

SwanQueen Fanvideo and Fanart 472

Swan Queen – Remma – OUaT – Regina/Emma 3.2k

Other links I enjoy:


AO3 An Archive of Our Own

Disclaimer: sadly necessary! I will maintain this directory in direct proportion to the amount of time I have to spend on it. Meaning, if I haven’t got time or inclination, I won’t do it. This is not a promise of advertising for your group or site. I will also screen against anything I consider inappropriate or not in alignment with my values or the tone/flavor of this site.

I must also comment that I have been kicked out of a few groups for reasons unknown to me. I do my very best to be a good internet citizen and follow the rules to the best of my understanding. I would recommend to anyone starting a group to be clear about the rules and to at least warn someone who has caused an offense and give them even one chance to amend their behavior.

Ruling with an iron boot may be easier, but it isn’t kind or productive. Kicking trolls is a desirable and necessary function of an administrator, but bloggers? People who put substantial time and effort into trying to create something nice for the fan community deserve at least a heads up about what they missed in your rulebook. That said, I’d love a second chance in some of those groups who booted me. If that’s you, or a group you know, please comment below and I’ll re-request to join. Please tell me if something I post doesn’t meet your requirements and why, then just delete the post. I do try very hard to be a good citizen and offer as little offense as possible.

For thoroughness: if you do NOT want your group advertised here, please tell me ASAP (politely) and I will take care of the problem.

Thanks everyone for making it amazing to be a Oncer.

Come check out my Once projects:

Before you go, you can check out my research project! I have conducted a study of OUAT viewer preferences and you can check on my progress here. Yay for science!

Fan-art in the making! I’m in the midst of a Once-themed Gratitude Project. Take a look at my progress!


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