Once Upon A Time Season 5A Awards Poll

Imagine if you will, a darkened auditorium and a stage glowing gold under the lights with its deep, velvety red backdrop. The house holds thousands and every seat is taken. You are dressed to the nines and fiddling with an unopened envelope behind a graceful yet spare podium. Who’s name is in the envelope?

You decide! In celebration of a beautifully written and fiery first half of Season 5, let’s recognize the hard work of those who make our favorite show. This poll will be open for one week, until 19 December 2015. After that I will publish the results and tweet them to the winners (and you should too!!). Assuming real life doesn’t get in the way, I will even make nice memes as awards.

Polls are closed! Click here for the awards!

*Spoiler alert! Poll assumes knowledge of Season 5A.*

Thank you so much for participating! Check back here the week of 19 December for results!

While we are on the subject of opinions… 

You can check out my research project! I have conducted a study of OUAT viewer preferences and you can check on my progress here. Yay for science!


7 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time Season 5A Awards Poll

  1. How is there anything romantic at all about Hook threatening suicide to get attention? Ask someone who’s experienced this from loved ones. :/


    1. Now that you point it out to me, I can definitely understand how this scene is sensitive and could trigger some strong memories and emotions that are anything but romantic. I think the key difference here is that he had no intention of dying and he had absolute faith that she would catch him. And the romantic part was his acceptance of her darkness. I do see what you’re saying, but Hook wasn’t trying to die by suicide. If I thought even for a second that Hook’s leap off the library was a suicide attempt, I’d never have included it in this category.


    2. My god, this! And to think many young girls watched that. It was an intense moment okay, I even like CS, but it wasn’t romantic at all, nor to be taken as an healthy reaction. Eek.


  2. My favorite fight scene was actually Regina vs. The fiery and my favorite romance scene was when Regina saved Robin. I’m a huge outlaw queen shipper though!


    1. I liked Regina’s double fisted fireballs too! It’s amazing what sticks in our minds. I felt like I was just forgetting obvious things when I put this question together.


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