Once Upon A Time Season 5A Awards

The Academy of Once Upon A Time Fans is proud to present, with our sincere gratitude for considerable hard work, the Once Upon A Time Season 5A Awards. Fans have voted for their favorites in each category to express their appreciation for the vigorous efforts of the cast, crew and writers of Once. We the fans want to honor their commitment to making exceptional television. Once Upon A Time isn’t your average program and we want that to be known.

A hearty congratulations to the winners and a big thank-you to everyone who took the time to vote. I hope you will take the time to Tweet the winners so they hear from you how much they are appreciated. Without further ado, the awards!

Best Line @jenmorrisonlive, @JaneEspenson

Most Romantic Moment @jenmorrisonlive@colinodonoghue1

Best Fight Scene @robertcarlyle_@colinodonoghue1

Best Bit of Magic @robertcarlyle_@colinodonoghue1, @jenmorrisonlive

Best Surprise @jenmorrisonlive

Best Episode @AdamHorowitzLA

Best Performance Overall @robertcarlyle_ 

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Thank you so much again for participating and congratulations to the winners!

While we are on the subject of opinions… 

You can check out my research project! I have conducted a study of OUAT viewer preferences and you can check on my progress here. Yay for science!

Want to see the poll and results? Click here.


Once 5A Awards: Best Performance Overall

I am so pleased to congratulate Robert Carlyle on his fine work. It is hard to believe that Rumple, DO (Dark One) is played by the same guy as our Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold. Outstanding is only the beginning. Thank you so much for delighting us all.

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Once Upon A Time Season 5A Awards Poll

Imagine if you will, a darkened auditorium and a stage glowing gold under the lights with its deep, velvety red backdrop. The house holds thousands and every seat is taken. You are dressed to the nines and fiddling with an unopened envelope behind a graceful yet spare podium. Who’s name is in the envelope?

You decide! In celebration of a beautifully written and fiery first half of Season 5, let’s recognize the hard work of those who make our favorite show. This poll will be open for one week, until 19 December 2015. After that I will publish the results and tweet them to the winners (and you should too!!). Assuming real life doesn’t get in the way, I will even make nice memes as awards.

Polls are closed! Click here for the awards!

*Spoiler alert! Poll assumes knowledge of Season 5A.*

Thank you so much for participating! Check back here the week of 19 December for results!

While we are on the subject of opinions… 

You can check out my research project! I have conducted a study of OUAT viewer preferences and you can check on my progress here. Yay for science!

An Open Letter to Rumplestiltskin from Santa Claus

My Very Dear Rumple,

I got your letter. Several centuries in the post has found it a little rumpled but my response is no less urgent. My deepest apologies for the delay, I only found the bill for my inter-realm mail service yesterday and it has, unfortunately, gone unpaid for a millennium. As I have seen the state of your former castle and your current shop, I know you can well imagine how the clutter tends to accumulate when one is very long lived. I have hired a new elf to head the Division of Correspondence, and I hear she is already causing quite a stir.

Forgive an old man rambling on about business when there is the matter of your letter to attend to. Rumple, you may not even remember writing this, young as you were and as long as it has been so I will remind you of your requests. And, for future reference, the Enchanted Forest tradition of burning wishes on the darkest night of the year is a charming but impractical method of sending a letter.

The contents of your letter are as follows (I have taken the liberty of correcting your creative spelling):

I wish for my Papa. I want him here and to love me.

You did not write much, little Rumple, but letters like these are the most important ones.

Imagine my surprise, when upon looking back at your life, I found you still living. I thought, surely, when I got to reading this after so many long years that the young author would be long passed to the underworld. I admit, I was hoping that I would look at your life and see you had found some love, some peace. That is what I always hope for, of course.

Yours is not the first tragic letter from a child I have received, as you can well imagine. But most of those letter’s get to me in a timely manner and I can give them something at least for their winter gift. Do me a favor and ignore all that pomp and circumstance manufactured about me in your present realm. I maintain a healthy weight and I do not traffic in baubles, thank you very much.

No, for most children, I provide small miracles like warming a heart at just the right time, or helping the child notice a smile. But I wasn’t there for you Rumple. Had I nudged the spinners to hug you just once more, what difference could that have made to you? We will never know and it grieves me.

Among other vicious rumors about this old sorcerer, I pray you to ignore that nasty tale about giving the naughty coal instead of gifts. That, my dear boy, is a malicious lie spread by parents to manipulate the urchins they fail to discipline. Doling out punishments, that is not what I do. I am not in the business of judgment.

And so, Rumplestiltskin, Darkest One, since I could not meet my end of the bargain when you were a child, I will meet it now. My gift to you is advice.

You made a deal with your wife recently: if she were to let you love her, you would do so with honesty and courage. I am so proud of you for that, by the by. Now that she has accepted the terms of the arrangement you offered, it is time for you to keep your word.

Tell your wife, Rumple.

No matter the consequences, breaking deals is expensive, as you well know. Speaking of the price of magic, consider my debt to you paid.

I wish you the best, my boy.

Yours truly,

Santa Claus