I think of Snowing as the original Once ‘ship. Once’s opening image, pilot episode, is Charming racing across a lake to kiss Snow White awake, then they get married.

After that truly heart warming opening image, Once shows us how they got to that point. I absolutely love the tale Once spins of how they met. The dialogue is pert and she clocks him with a rock… Talk about a rough start! But Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin have a chemistry that won’t quit. They even have their own catch phrase, “I will always find you.” It is for these two that we first knew Once would be about love and hope.

Even their troubles back in Storybrooke were brilliantly executed. The writers took excellent advantage of what the curse would mean for these two. The feeling of “off” from their fairytale selves came through loud and clear and we all groaned in pain when David gave Mary Margaret the wrong Valentine. Oh get it right for once David! But of course he can’t while he’s cursed.

Snowing has a steadiness that is a place to lean when there is turbulence elsewhere in the romantic waters. It seems that Snowing will remain a solid couple even if they are sometimes separated by shenanigans. They are definitely the Mom and Dad ship and a consistent place to look for comfort.

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Before you go, you can check out my research project! I have conducted a study of OUAT viewer preferences and you can check on my progress here. Yay for science!


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