In this ‘ship is the essence of Once’s hope message. Forgiveness is one of Once’s more potent themes and there aren’t many people in the world who need more forgiveness than the Evil Queen. Hope for change, belief that it is possible for everyone- OutlawQueen is how Once shows us what can be. *Spoiler Alert! This article assumes current knowledge of the show.*

Robin Hood isn’t one to judge, after all, he was a thief. Robin shares a quality with Belle, that of seeing past exteriors. Regina made vigorous attempts to blow him off many times even with the interference of Tinkerbell. But the special mix of Regina’s reforming heart and Robin’s clear vision made this ‘ship possible.

While Once gave us some beautiful flirtation and that delicious metaphor about getting Regina’s heart back from Zelena, this is yet another example of the meaning in a relationship being demonstrated through the pain of its loss.

Pieces of My Heart OUAT Season 4 Heroes and Villains
Pieces of Our Hearts

Heroes and Villains was a hell of an episode. Regina, giving us proof of how far she has come from her days as the Evil Queen lets go of Robin to save his wife. Pieces of our hearts, and hers, were littering the pavement when she tore up the page (not) from the Storybook. Poor Regina just can’t get a break no matter what she does. That moment was a doozy.

Here, however is where we get down to the risks involved with having so many characters and so many plot lines to service. Something typically gets dropped. I am afraid that this relationship might be it. Thus far in Season 5 Robin has been little more than a pair of arms around Regina and someone for her to protect. It is possible now, after Birth, that his importance may grow enough to allow this relationship to flourish. I certainly hope so. Regina is such a rich character and she deserves the same amount of richness in her partner.

I don’t want to see this ‘ship go in the same direction as Snowing because there is so much raw potential in the current dynamic surrounding Zelena that shouldn’t be allowed to go to waste. I really hope they pay off the set up they gave us with Regina’s inability to have children and now needing to decide how to handle parenting with Robin. That has to sting and I can’t imagine Once won’t give us tension between Robin and Regina on this subject.

OutlawQueen has a save our ‘ship flag above its head right now. The writers must start giving Robin lines more interesting than, “How ’bout a spot of tea?” if this ‘ship is to retain our investment.

Back to Once in Love.

Before you go, you can check out my research project! I have conducted a study of OUAT viewer preferences and you can check on my progress here. Yay for science!


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