Help Study the Magic of Once Upon a Time

Once Upon A Time Viewer Preferences Survey Link

Why study Once? Why not? Scientists enjoy fun too! I’m interested in demographic trends and any correlations I can find on interesting (to me and I hope to you) topics. I’m also interested in how you watch Once. I want to know who your favorite characters are. How do you feel about love stories? Maybe data and statistics aren’t how you think you might want to spend a Sunday afternoon, but when it’s Once??? You already knew I am I nerd. Grin.

The more responses I get, the better the answers I give you when I write this up as a research paper. No worries, I will publish the paper right here where you don’t have to pay to get it. I’m not like that!

For me this is a fun way to gain and practice some skills for my real life job in a low pressure environment. I don’t have to worry that some journal is going to reject me on my own blog. That means I get to study what I want and you get to see the neato results. Plus, we get science about Once!! How awesome will that be?

Thanks so much for coming! This survey is still underway and the data are not yet ready for publication. But hey, while you’re here, why not spend a little time browsing? Here’s a good place to start!

Did you land here looking for the survey? Here it is!


NB: I have received some queries about the captcha. Apparently not everyone can get through. I have submitted a ticket to foureyes about this. My apologies if you took the time to try to do this survey and couldn’t because of the captcha. I cannot remove it because if I did the data would be compromised, but I will post the results of my inquiry here. Thanks for your patience.

17 December Update! Here is the response I received to the ticket I submitted:

“Captcha is provided by Google and we implement it independently of the
survey. I have tested it under several different conditions without any
issue. Please direct your respondents to this site and see if there is
an issue.

Potentially there might be an issue with privacy plugins or some other
blocker, but we have not received any other reports.

Are there any language or cultural barriers that may prevent them from
answering incorrectly?”

The link is interesting and I have asked if reCaptcha is available for my survey but this link is not a fix to the current Captcha problem. Nonetheless, you might check your privacy settings as suggested.


5 thoughts on “Help Study the Magic of Once Upon a Time

      1. Results won’t be available until after data collection is complete and I do the write up. I would estimate at least another two months. Thanks for asking!


    1. Life has held me up significantly on this front. I do thank you for the reminder and I will start working on this as soon as I can. I hesitate to give an estimate because I intended to have this done by now. You know how it goes, real life getting in the way of fandom. 🙂


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