Episode Review Guide

Episode reviews will all follow the same general format: a spoiler-free overview followed by a scene-by-scene analysis.

The overview will include general impressions, performance notes and very general structural or thematic notes without specific examples from the episode. The overview is designed to be a safe read for anyone who hasn’t seen the episode in question. It may not be safe for anyone a season or more behind the current season even though it won’t call out episode specifics. The overview may include general discussion of past season’s major story arcs, though the aim is a more narrow focus.

The analysis portion of the article will include the nitty gritty details of the episode and most definitely will spoil things for anyone who has not yet seen it. Topics will include thematic discussions, structure, flow, blocking, performance notes, favorite quotes, scene rewrites, theories and more. I will attempt to label theories as such so that anyone who doesn’t want those can skip them.

Note: Discussion is encouraged in the comments section, but please NO SPOILERS for future episodes! If I find spoilers, I will do my best to delete them promptly so they don’t ruin it for everyone else. Spoiling stuff is just bad manners so be a good net citizen and only leave the good stuff in your wake.

Don’t forget to help me study the magic of Once here! Read about the study here.


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