The pursuit of happiness. Such an important phrase. Happiness is something everyone wants, everyone I’ve ever met anyway. So why is there so little of it running around the internet? It seems like negativity seeps out of every crack in our online sidewalk and is on all the billboards we see as we surf by. But wait. Does it have to be that way? I think not.

Don’t we have the perfect opportunity to make our online world exactly what we want? What if we decked the halls of the internet with what makes us happy? What if we made an effort to post on our social media about what feeds us intellectually, about our creative endeavors and about what we are looking forward to? Complaining is easy, and it’s cheap. Let’s put some effort into our virtual world.

Some say that happiness is a choice, a thing we do, not something that happens to us. Happiness is not a goal, it is what we notice along the path toward a goal. It takes effort to lift our heads up out of our devices and see what is happening in our own minds and in the world around us. There are many TED talks and self help books written on this topic which are well worth the time.

This space will be a place to share what makes me happy. I have decided to become a journalist for my own life. I will write the articles here that I want to read and that I find worth my time. I imagine this will become a sort of Barbara Magazine with all kinds of colorful topics and pictures. With any luck, this will be worth your time too.